• Without any faltering, its GOKU…. Even though HULK seems stronger than GOKU and has healing capacity more than any other MARVEL character(even Wolverine),GOKU is known for his fighting skills and self denial which is deficit in HULK… 
    —However it will be always interesting to see GOKU fighting bcoz of his power mounting with Saiyan levels but in the case of HULK, you see only a immense green torso with head and limbs demolishing everything it sees when it gets mad…
    —Hulk only uses strength to fight while GOKU also has a long range kamehameha, spirit bomb which can get energy from everyone in the universe (including hulk) and he can fly so HULK can’t get to him…
    —GOKU can teleport which gives him speed to handle HULK— Main reason will be GOKU can destroy a planet in his base form. Hulk won’t be able to survive without air…


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