Starting off our list is the one and only Doomsday! The creature who killed the Man of Steel, it obviously packs quite the punch. Doomsday, befitting its name, has the potential to destroy anything in its path. It also gets stronger with each fight.

Doomsday was created by an ancient alien named Bertron. His creator subjected him to cloning and DNA alteration that eventually made him immune to whatever caused his previous demise. Also, Bertron figured out how to alter Doomsday’s DNA so that the creature would revive himself rather than having to be resuscitated. This combination of constant regeneration and evolution makes Doomsday into one of the universe’s most incredible killing machines. He has killed beings previously thought to be immortal and destroyed entire planets’ populations.



The first ruler of Warworld, Mongul Sr. was a tactful and vicious leader. A longtime adversary of Superman, he has also fought other Justice League members. He possesses powers similar to Darkseid, and – even if he’s not quite as powerful – is still a lot to handle.

Mongul is described as having physical strength that can outmatch Superman, and has defeated other powerful heroes with ease. However, his strength is not his only asset. Mongul’s ability to kill with no remorse and lead those who will submit to his will has allowed him to gain a lot of power. Every time he is exiled from Earth or teleported somewhere new, he finds a way to kill those who are in power and make those weaker than him bend their knees.

Being the leader of a planet-sized war machine also helps in his battle against heroes of the galaxy, but his most dangerous power might be his mind. Mongul Sr. is extremely intelligent; a master at reading not only his opponent, but the environment as well. Mongul is able to manipulate the minds of those he battles, giving himself an enormous advantage.



One of the seven imprisoned “emotional entities” that the Guardians of the Universe kept hidden from the galaxy, Parallax is the embodiment of pure fear. It’s ability to inhabit the bodies of those who we consider to be strongest beings in the universe makes Parallax a petrifying enemy. The most notable example of Parallax’s power comes during the storyline “Emerald Twilight,” in which the parasite possesses Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Once bonded with Hal, Parallax goes on a murderous rampage, killing multiple heroes. Parallax’s power is so strong that it’s abilities have been harvested by multiple people, including Sinestro himself, in order to combat other larger threats. However, the monster is so corrupting that it often escapes the hold of those trying to contain it.

Parallax, while being strong, immortal, and able to possess, also has an oft-overlooked power: the ability to manipulate time and reality. If given enough time and power, Parallax can actually reshape reality to suit its needs and desires. Although these powers haven’t been explored at length, they do increase the level of terror that Parallax poses to the DC universe.



The one who began the “Infinite Crisis,” Superboy Prime, also known as Connor Kent, has proven to be a deadly force of nature. A version of Kal-El who exists in a universe without superheroes (Earth-Prime), he is recruited to help stop the “Crisis On Infinite Earths” by Superman of Earth-One, which destroyed the universe he came from. After, he goes to the “paradise” dimension, where he grew angry and insane. He was able to observe the world he protected becoming worse and worse. Finally he decided the heroes were not enough and broke free of the “paradise” dimension to hand out his form of justice.

He begins by dispatching Connor Kent, the current Earth-One Superboy, and proceeds to battle and defeat many heroes, including dozens of Green Lanterns. Eventually, it took the combined power of Earth-One Superman and Earth-Two Superman to finally stop him, even though Earth-Two Superman died during the altercation.



One of the most renowned villains in the entire DC Multiverse, Darkseid is the ruler of the planet Apokolips. Darkseid is known for his strength, intellect, leadership, and his crusade for the Anti-Life Equation. Darkseid is obsessed with not just ruling the universe but recreating it in his likeness. He is not just an enemy of the Justice League, but of the other New Gods who live on New Genesis. Being a New God himself, he possesses some of the most powerful abilities in all of the Multiverse.

  1. Darkseid has basically every super-power that exists in the DC Universe. Paired with his obsession for ruling, this makes him an adversary that the entire multiverse should be scared of. Not only is he ridiculously strong, but he commands an entire planet full of parademons ready to die for his cause. As if that wasn’t enough, he also has children and accomplices called The Darkseid Elite. Each member is powerful in their own right, and together they all serve Darkseid.


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