Comparing anything to Goku is rarely fair. Only Superman is worse for this.

If we’re past Dragonball and the intro of Dragonball Z, Goku is on an entirely different level from anything in Naruto. There’s a tremendous scale difference.

Naruto dealt with villains that could destroy cities, and by the end, he’s dealing with planet-scale threats — not world-destroyers, mind you, but world-dominators. Kaguya and Madara used some techniques that might have wiped out most living things on the surface of the earth.

Vegeta could destroy whole planets with his abilities. Frieza destroyed whole planets on a whim, with one finger. And those are the weaker DBZ villains…

Unless we’re giving him some sort of DC comic-like weakness to something specific (say, sage mode), I don’t see how Goku would be phased by anything thrown at him, and his speed exceeds anything Naruto’s ever seen. Goku’s natural capabilities exceed that of Gai’s ultimate lotus techniques, and those were pretty absurd in Naruto’s world.

Nothing on the Naruto pure power scale is a threat to him.

source: Quora


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