Their music, taste and abilities were very dynamic. Even on their early albums from start to finish 14/14 songs would sound unique and individual unlike today (and even at the time) when an artist is pretty much anchored by his/her genre, producing and album full of songs that sound like slight off shoots of the hit single they featured.

In addition you had 3.5 different voices and 4 different minds equally contributing to the direction of the sound and letting their interest and passions shine through without being stifled by one another or coming off sounding forced. 4 individuals who really loved rock and roll and werent fame hungry in healthy competition with one another.

To sum it up, if you listen to The Beatles, whether it be an album or their whole discography, there is something for everyone. That’s why its so strange for a person to hate the group because its hard to pick one thing that defines them.

Saying you dislike the Beatles is equivalent to saying you don’t like music.


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