Wonder Woman stomps.

She’s not quite as strong (actually that’s debatable at best considering she’s never noticed any limits to her strength) or durable (at least as regards sharp force trauma) as Superman, nor is she able to fly quite as fast (again, debatable, especially what with entering the Speed Force under her own power), but these are small obstacles.

More important is her vastly greater skill and agility. Not to mention her magic weapons and armour, which can bypass much of Superman’s durability and give her a certain amount of hax.

Even without her magic weapons, Wonder Woman has held her own in a 1v2 against Zod and Faora, both of them Kryptonians even more martially skilled than Superman, and with a lot of experience working together to boot. When Superman tried the same, he was almost knocked out of the fight in about three panels. Wonder Woman and sun-dipped Superman later worked together to defeat sun-dipped Zod and Faora, which implies that, again, even without her magic weapons, she is at least a match for sun-dipped Superman.

Even scarier, Wonder Woman can remove her bracelets for a massive boost in power, enough to equal the gods themselves, though this damages her sanity so it remains a last resort.

source: quora


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