1. “Metahuman” v. “Mutants”

Metahuman and Mutants both have to conceal their true identify in order to protect their friends and family. Barry Allen and S.T.A.R. Labs are searching for all the metahumans that were created after the particle accelerate explosion while Professor Charles Xavier is searching for Mutants to keep safe from harm. Both companies make their plot revolve around searching for these genetically mutated humans. The difference is Marvel first introduced the concept of mutants in 1963 and DC followed about 20 years later with metahumans in 1986.

2. “The Atom” v. “Ant Man”

 Ant Man and The Atom came into the recent popular media at about the same time. Ant Man appeared in blockbuster movies Ant Man and Civil War. The Atom first appeared on television in Arrow then in Legends of Tomorrow. Both Ray Palmer and Scott Lang have a suit that shrinks their whole body. The difference between the two is Ray Palmer is a brilliant tech entrepreneur who creates his own suit where as Scott Lang has the help of Dr. Hank Pym and is convicted thief. The suits are even the same color! The dates between these two’s first appearance in their respective comic books is eerily similar. Ant-Man was first introduced in January 1962, but DC beat Marvel with showcasing The Atom in October of 1961. Coincidence or should Marvel be convicted of theft like Scott Lang?

3. “Batman” v. “Iron Man”

Though these two do not have the same superpowers as The Atom and Ant-Man, their non-superhero personalities are almost identical. Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark both can be described with the same adjectives American billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, and owner of major company in perspective city. Both companies were founded by their ancestors and their CEO’s both double as superheros. Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark both lost their parents to a tragic accident that motivated their endeavour to become a superhero. Tony Stark’s parents died in a car accident caused by bad brakes made by Howard Stark’s competitor. Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents murder by the criminals that his father was trying to take off the streets to make Gotham City safer. You could almost reverse the names and have the same outcome. Though it seems that DC beat Marvel to the punch first publishing Batman in 1939 and Marvel publishing almost 30 years later with Iron Man in 1963.

4. “Arrow” v. “Hawkeye”

A man with fondness to the bow, mysterious past, and incredible combat skills whose right hand woman wears black and is a killer assassin. I just described both The Arrow and Hawkeye. The main attribute are identical. The only real difference being when their were released DC first published Green Arrow in 1941 where as Marvel published 1964. Though the plots and journeys the characters differ the concept of the character is undeniably a carbon copy.

5. “Black Canary” v. “Black Widow”

Obviously characters that have the same first word in their name begs comparison. Black Canary and Black Widow are both trained assassins. Natasha Romanova struggles with her training haunting her as Sarah Launce did. Both Black Canary and Black Widow have an Archer as a sidekick. Ironically, both personas have been taken on by multiple people just like both comic superpowers have taken them on. Black Canary in the comic books is a mother and daughter, Dinah Launce and Laurel Lance, but it in the show Arrow Laurel Lance takes on the persona after her sister’s, Sarah Launce, death. Marvel has had several women take on the superhero identity of the Black Widow most famouosly Natasha Romanova, but before her was Claire Voyant and after Natasha was Yelna Belnova. No matter who is behind the superhero or the Comic Industry the basic concept remains the same.

6. “The Flash” v. “QuickSilver”

rs have been genetically modify and are classified as metahuman or mutant respectively. The Flash, Barry Allen, was hit with dark matter from a particle accelerator explosion. Quicksilver (Fox and X-Men version) inherited the mutant gene from his father Magneto. Both can seem to slow down time to solve problems by running so fast. They have both have traveled back in time with their super speed. Though Quicksilver is not as of a goody-two-shoes as Barry Allen both speed demons fight to save the world from evil. Quicksilver pairs up with the X-Men and the Avengers, where as Barry Allen partners with The Arrow and The Justice League. But Marvel was the quickest to the speedster battle first publishing in 1959 and DC 5 year later. But in DC vs. Marvel comic book series Flash out ran Quicksilver. Who is the true winner here?

7. “Thor”

Thor appears in both DC and Marvel Comics. He is best known for his role in Marvel’s Avengers, but has work alongside Superman and Wonderwomen in DC’s Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Series. Though Thor’s first appearance in the DC Universe was based on Marvel’s adaptation of the myth, but late on the true mythology was portrayed. I have shown similar characters, but not the same character in both Comic Books. The Reason is simple Jack Kirby one of the original characters crossed the divide and wrote for DC about 10 years after creating Thor in the Marvel universe. Marvel and DC shared more than just superhero personas.

8. “Justice League” v. “Avengers”

In the capitalist America in order for one product to thrive the comic needs competition. Almost naturally three years after DC created The Justice League, Marvel published the Avengers in 1963. The concept of combining all the superheroes into one comic book was inevitable to increase profit by attracting readers to new heros and additional serieses. They even started with almost the same size team Justice League with seven and Avengers with 6. Both universes share the idea of trading out characters, but they do seem to share a lot of characters.

Lead Image Credit:  Marvel vs. DC via Youtube



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