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. She speaks Spanish.

Malia Obama is fluent in Spanish. She even acted as a translator for her father on his first official trip to Cuba.

2. She has been accepted into Harvard University.

Malia chose to follow in her father’s footsteps and attend Harvard University. Though she did choose to take a gap year and will not attend Harvard until the fall of 2017.

3. She has an international internship.

Malia will be interning with the U.S Embassy this summer in Madrid, Spain.

4. She is interested in working in film.

Malia has worked as an intern on the set of Girls, with Lena Dunham and on the set of one of Halle Berry’s series, Extent.

5. She has chores in the White House.

Michelle Obama reported to ABC News that she still makes her two daughters make the bed every morning.

6. She has allergies.

The family dog Bo (a Portuguese water dog) who was given to the Obama’s by SenatorTed Kennedy, was chosen because he is hypoallergenic since Malia has allergies.

7. She has a doll created in her likeness.

In 2009 , Ty Inc, the company that created Beanie Babies, designed a Marvelous Malia doll honoring the first daughter. ( Her sister Sasha also has a doll created in her likeness named Sweet Sasha.)

8. She plays tennis.

Malia was on the varsity tennis team during her time in high school.

9. Same school as the Clinton’s child

Malia attended the prestigious Sidwell Friends School with her sister Sasha, which is the same school the Clinton’s daughter Chelsea attended when Bill was in office.

10. Fashion icon.

Malia is greatly admired for her fashion sense and her styles have been featured in Teen Vogue and In Style Magazine.


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