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10 Facts You Need To Know About Green Arrow

Green Arrow is one of DC’s longest running characters and he’s been a staple of the Justice League for years. The character is currently being portrayed by Stephen Amell on the hit television show, Arrow. Season 4 is set to begin next week and it looks like Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen will finally become the “Green Arrow” we know and love.

Oliver Queen was also a recurring hero on the animated Justice League: Unlimited where we were able to see the character build relationships with other League members as well as a romantic interest in Black Canary. With many interpretations of the character throughout his time in comics and television, there are some aspects of his character that remain the same while others are specific to the version of Oliver Queen at that time.

With this character growing in prominence, it may be a good time to learn the 10 Facts You Need To Know About Green Arrow.