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Fun facts about Yankees Opening Day in history

The Yankees have played more than 100 Opening Days in their franchise history. They open the 2017 MLB season with a loss on the road to the Tampa Bay Rays on April 2. Here’s a look at some fun facts and interesting tidbits about the Yankees’ performance historically on Opening Day.

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16 Most Amazing Facts About The King Of Hip Hop Eminem

9-year-old Marshall Mathers aka Eminem did not have a smooth time during his elementary schooling (He studied at Dort Elementary School), he was constantly plagued by bullies who split his lips and knocked the wind out of him. On a snowy day in 1982, one of the bullies, DeAngelo Bailey hit him in the face with a snowball laden with a heavy object while playing “King of the Hill.” The bully followed it with a sound beating resulting in temporary loss of vision and concussion. Enraged mother of Marshall Mathers sued the Detroit school board for not sufficiently protecting her child